Installing IEV Software and Configuring It to Monitor IDS Devices

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You can install IEV on any Windows NT or Windows 2000 PC that meets these minimum hardware requirements:

  • Pentium III processor, 800MHz or faster

  • 256MB RAM

  • 512MB free hard drive space

Installing IEV is straightforward. First, download the application from After going through the setup wizard, reboot the PC and launch the IEV application. You first need to add sensor devices (up to three) before you can start to monitor intrusion events.

To add sensor devices, select New, Devices from the File menu to launch the Device Properties dialog box. Enter values for the settings listed in Table 13.1.

Table 13.1. Adding Devices with the Device Properties Dialog Box in IEV

Device Properties Setting


Sensor IP address

The IP address of the sensor.

Sensor name

Sensor hostname.


Username to log in to the sensor.


Password for the username.

Web server port

The Web server port for Remote Data Exchange Protocol (RDEP) communications between IEV and the sensor.

Communications protocol radio buttons

Select one of the radio buttons:

Use encrypted connection (HTTPS)

Use nonencrypted connection (HTTP)

Event start time

Either select the Latest Alerts check box or enter start time and start date in the specified format.

Exclude events of the following severity levels

(Optional) Valid options are Informational, Low, Medium, or High.

Click OK to return to the main IEV window. You see the new sensor you added in the Devices pane on the left side of the interface.

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