• The firewall modes include

    • Unprivileged ” Enables you to change the current setting to privileged mode or logout. Its prompt is pixfirewall> .

    • Privileged ” Enables you to view restricted settings on the system. Its prompt is pixfirewall# .

    • Configuration ” Enables you to change system configurations. Its prompt is pixfirewall(config)# .

    • Monitor ” Enables you to upload images over the network. Its prompt is monitor> .

  • The six basic commands include

    • nameif ” Assigns a name and sets the security level to a hardware ID interface

    • interface ” Sets the interface speed and enables the interface

    • ip address ” Assigns an IP address to a named interface

    • nat ” Creates a NAT ID that defines which local IP addresses will be translated on a specific named interface

    • global ” Creates a global list of addresses to be used by the NAT ID

    • route ” Creates any necessary static routes or defaults routes

  • The show version command displays flash contents.

  • The passwd command changes the Telnet password.

  • The copy tftp flash command copies the images to the flash.

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