Deciding What to Memorize

The amount of memorization you must undertake for an exam depends on how well you remember what you've read and how well you know the software. If you're a visual thinker and can see the command line in your head, you won't need to memorize as much as someone who's less visually oriented. However, the exam will stretch your abilities to memorize product features and functions, interface details, and proper configuration, as well as how they all relate to the Cisco IOS.

At a minimum, you'll want to memorize the following types of information:

  • PIX firewall models, services modules, and licensing

  • ASA security levels

  • Firewall, syslog, and DHCP server configuration

  • PPPoE

  • Transport protocols, DNS support configuration, NAT, and PAT

  • ACLS and converting conduits to ACLS

  • Object groups and nested object groups

  • Advanced protocols and multimedia support

  • Attack guards , intrusion detection, and shunning

  • AAA and using CSACS and downloadable ACLS

  • Failover types and configuration

  • VPN configuration, IKE, and IPSec

  • Remote access and authorization for maintenance

  • Using the PDM for configuration

  • Enterprise firewall configuration, administration, and maintenance

  • Using AUS settings, devices, images, and assignments

  • FWSM

If you work your way through this book while sitting at an appropriate PIX device with the 6.x IOS installed and try to manipulate this environment's features and functions as they're discussed throughout, you should have little or no difficulty mastering this material. Also, don't forget that the Cram Sheet at the front of the book is designed to capture the material that's most important to memorize; use this to guide your studies as well.

CSPFA Exam Cram 2 (Exam 642-521)
CCSP CSPFA Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram 642-521)
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