Working Within the Framework

The test questions appear in random order, and many elements or issues mentioned in one question can also crop up in other questions. It's not uncommon to find that an incorrect answer to one question is the correct answer to another question, or vice versa. Take the time to read every answer to each question, even if you recognize the correct answer to a question immediately. That extra reading can spark a memory or remind you about an IOS feature or function that helps you on another question elsewhere in the exam.

If you're taking a fixed-length test, you can revisit any question as many times as you like. If you're uncertain of the answer to a question, check the box that's provided to mark it for easy return later. You should also mark questions you think might offer information you can use to answer other questions. On fixed-length tests, I usually mark somewhere between 25% and 50% of the questions. The testing software is designed to let you mark every question if you choose; use this framework to your advantage. Everything you'll want to see again should be marked; the testing software can then help you return to marked questions quickly and easily.

If you're taking an adaptive test and see something in a question or in one of the answers that jogs your memory on a topic, or that you feel you should record if the topic appears in another question, write it down on your piece of paper. Just because you can't go back to a question in an adaptive test doesn't mean you can't take notes on what you see early in the test, in hopes that it might help you later in the test.


For adaptive tests, don't be afraid to take notes on what you see in various questions. Sometimes, what you record from one question can help you on other questions later, especially if it's not as familiar as it should be or reminds you of the name or use of some utility or interface details.

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