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b command, vi
B command, vi
b command, vi
B command, vi
background I/O
background jobs
     bringing to foreground
     job number for
     priority of
     process ID for
     saving standard output and error to one file 2nd
     sending foreground jobs to
     sending job to background
     starting 2nd
     waiting until finished
backslash (\\\\)
     continuation character 2nd
     escape character, echo
     escape character, prompt strings
     textual completion, vi
     archive file for
     bugs in, reporting
     customizing environment for
     documentation for 2nd
     examples in archive for 2nd
     features of 2nd
     global customization of
     help for
     history of
     installing as login shell 2nd
     installing as standard shell
     interactive use of
     location of, determining
     newsgroups for
     obtaining 2nd
     online help for
     options 2nd
     pathname of
     POSIX mode 2nd
     privileged mode
     programming featuers of
     restricted shell 2nd 3rd
     shell variables 2nd
     support for
     testing 2nd
     troubleshooting installation of
     unpacking archive file
     version of, determining 2nd
     versions of 2nd
     when not to use
bash command
     - option 2nd
     - option (old)
     --debugger option 2nd
     --dump-po-strings option 2nd
     --dump-strings option 2nd
     --help option 2nd 3rd
     --init-file option 2nd
     --login option 2nd
     --noediting option 2nd
     --noprofile option 2nd
     --norc option 2nd
     --posix option 2nd 3rd
     --quiet option 2nd
     --rcfile option 2nd
     --verbose option 2nd
     --version option 2nd 3rd
     -c option 2nd
     -c option (old)
     -D option 2nd
     -i option 2nd
     -i option (old)
     -l option 2nd
     -login option (old)
     -n option 2nd
     -nobraceexpansion option (old)
     -nolineediting option (old)
     -noprofile option (old)
     -norc option (old)
     -o option 2nd
     -O, +O options 2nd
     -posix option (old)
     -quiet option (old)
     -r option 2nd 3rd
     -r option (old)
     -rcfile option (old)
     -s option 2nd
     -s option (old)
     -T option
     -v option 2nd 3rd 4th
     -version option (old)
     -x option 2nd
     options for, list of 2nd
bash Completion Project
Bash Debugger Project
BASH environment variable 2nd 3rd
BASH_ARGC environment variable 2nd
BASH_ARGV environment variable 2nd
BASH_COMMAND environment variable
BASH_ENV environment variable 2nd 3rd
BASH_EXECUTION_STRING environment variable
.bash_history file
BASH_LINENO environment variable 2nd
.bash_login file
.bash_logout file
.bash_profile file 2nd
BASH_REMATCH environment variable
BASH_SOURCE environment variable 2nd
BASH_SUBSHELL environment variable
BASH_VERSINFO environment variable 2nd
BASH_VERSION environment variable 2nd 3rd
bashbug script
bashdb debugger 2nd
     break conditions
     breakpoints feature 2nd 3rd
     commands for
     driver script for
     execution tracing
     exercises for
     functions file for
     functions for
     limitations of
     preamble file for
     sample session of
     source code for
     stepping feature 2nd 3rd
.bashrc file 2nd
bc command, debugger 2nd
bell-style variable, readline
bg command 2nd 3rd
biff command
bind command 2nd
     Learning the UNIX Operating System (Peek, Todino, Strang)
     Practical UNIX and Internet Security (Spafford, Garfinkel)
Bourne Again shell [See bash]
Bourne shell [See sh]
Bourne, Steven 2nd
bp command, debugger 2nd
brace expansion 2nd 3rd
braces ({})
     brace expansion wildcards
     command blocks in
     in shell variable syntax
brackets ([])
     [...] (condition test) 2nd 3rd
     [[...]] (condition test) 2nd 3rd
break command
break conditions
break statement
breakpoints 2nd 3rd
BSD-derived systems, ps command on
bugs, reporting
built-in functions
     in bash archive
builtin command 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     -p option
     Bourne shell not supporting

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