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\t (tab) character
     literal strings
         changed to whitespace 2nd
     string comparisons and
     tab global property
     variable names
tab (global property)
Take Control ebooks
target 2nd 3rd
     applet, prevent seeking prematurely
     application class specifier 2nd
         getting the name right
         multiple versions of application
         chain of ofs and tells
         determination of
         reference is
     determination of
     handler call sent to
         current application
     it keyword represents
     multiple commands to same
     reference as 2nd
     remote 2nd
     script (me keyword) 2nd
     script object
     scripting addition can't be
         as variable
         in place of direct object
         tell block 2nd 3rd
         without resolving terminology 2nd
     XML-RPC or SOAP server
Tcl (as OSA language)
telephone call, run scripts in response
tell block
     application name, getting right
     chain of ofs and tells
     dictionary, causes loading of
     four-letter codes, instead of
     nested, referring to higher-level target 2nd
     nesting with terms block 2nd
     reference, instead of
     shortcuts for entering
     single-line version
     specifying target 2nd 3rd
     targeting script from within 2nd
     terminology within 2nd 3rd
         resolution of
     top-level entity, accessing
     when to use, vs. of operator 2nd 3rd
     when to use, vs. terms block 2nd
     XML-RPC or SOAP server, targeting
tell keyword
Terminal 2nd
termination line, block
     abbreviating 2nd
termination, premature
     program (runtime error)
     repeat block 2nd
     AppleScript Studio
         using elsewhere
     clash 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
         AppleScript's dictionary helps explain
         defective dictionary causes
         end transaction, FileMaker Pro
         four-letter code, avoiding with
         may prevent compilation (or not)
         me keyword, relationship to 2nd
         pretty-printing can help detect
         record item name
         scripting additions 2nd
         vertical bars prevent 2nd 3rd
     constructing dynamically
     different for every application 2nd
     event handler
     remote application
     resolution 2nd
         compilation and 2nd
         four-letter code avoids need for
         references and 2nd
         tell block 2nd 3rd
         terms block
         terms in scope and
         without targeting 2nd
     scripting addition
terms block
     applet behavior, improves
     dictionary, causes loading of
     dictionary, specifies 2nd
     dynamic targeting and
     nesting with tell block 2nd
     remote applications and 2nd
     resolution of terminology within
     when to use, vs. tell block 2nd
Terry, Michael, xxii
Tex-Edit Plus 2nd
     clipboard, read and write
     file, read and write to
     line breaks and compilation
     Unix and AppleScript, passing between
     user enters
text (string element)
text (synonym for string in coercions)
text class
     is its own plural
     vs. string
text file
     read and write
text item (string element)
text item delimiters (global property) 2nd 3rd
     terminology resolution trouble
text style constants
Text Suite 2nd
     presence doesn't prove scriptability
text to speech
     close without saving, can't
         workaround with GUI scripting
     scriptability substandard
     selection, not implemented
         workaround with GUI scripting
the 2nd
the clipboard command
then keyword
     omission of
thousands separator illegal
through (synonym for thru)
throw (error) 2nd
thru (preposition)
thru keyword
Thursday (constant)
ticks 2nd
TidBITS 2nd
     AppleScript Studio window management changed
     application short name works in specifier
     Automator introduced
     choose remote application command introduced
     display alert command introduced
     forks, multiple
     Mail loses Script menu
     month (date property) settable by integer
     path to me command improved
     quote global property introduced
     remote targeting, scripting addition dialogs disabled
     run handler can receive parameters from osascript
     scripting addition dialogs in osascript blocked coherently
     sdef can be dictionary 2nd
     sdef format improved 2nd
     system info command introduced
     Unicode compatibility improved 2nd 3rd
     version coercion changed
     weekday coercible to integer
time (date property)
time string (date property)
time to GMT command
time zones 2nd
time, trigger script at a certain
timeout 2nd
timeout block
times keyword
to (synonym for on)
to keyword (in range specifier)
toolbar, launching scripts from
top level
     global lives at
     name 2nd 3rd
     parent of
     parent of script objects, implicit
     script object or handler definition
     top-level entities of, referring to 2nd
     variable, undeclared
top-level entity 2nd 3rd
     accessible on demand
     applet scriptable with respect to
     assign and retrieve value
     at top level, referring to 2nd
     closure, captured by
     definition is initialization
     free variable
     handler call automatically accesses
     handler has no
     inheritance chain, sought in
     overshadowing of name 2nd
         implementing with store script
     reference to, creating
     run script command, not visible to
     value in loaded script context
     visible before its definition
transaction block
trigonometric functions 2nd
true 2nd
     with, replaced by 2nd
truncating a file
try block
     exiting repeat block
     improving code structure with
Tuesday (constant)
type 2nd
     value types in dictionary
         alternative 2nd
         wrongly listed
type class 2nd
Type Names Suite

AppleScript. The Definitive Guide
AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596102119
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 267
Authors: Matt Neuburg

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