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Fade In transition (iMovie)   2nd  
false type  
Favorites command (Go menu)  
Feather command (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
Fetch client (FTP)  
file backups   [See backups ]
File Browser (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
File Browser command (Photoshop Elements)  
file contents
       viewing without opening  
file extensions  
file formats
       Web browsers  
file formats.   [See formats]
File menu (Photoshop Elements)   2nd   3rd  
       File Browser  
File menu commands
       Import, Frame from Video  
       Photoshop Elements
               File Browser  
File menu commands (Finder)   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
File menu commands (Photoshop Elements)  
file permissions
       granting   2nd  
file sharing
       SSH (secure shell)  
file system   2nd  
       Home directory   2nd  
       adding to Dock  
       browsing   2nd  
       computer.   [See computer files]
        condensing informatio  
       convering (PDF)  
       copying   2nd   3rd  
       creating aliases for   2nd  
       downloading (Download Manager)  
       extensions   2nd  
       file sharing
               SSH (secure shell)  
       file system  
               Home directory   2nd  
       importing into iDVD   2nd   3rd  
       moving precautions  
       MP3 files
               ripping   2nd  
               granting   2nd  
               adding to DVDs  
       removing (trash can)   2nd  
               Photoshop Elements  
       saving (Web)  
       searching (Finder)   2nd   3rd  
       sending (email)  
       versus folders  
files (Photoshop Elements)
       saving   2nd   3rd  
               formats   2nd   3rd   4th  
fill color  
Fill command (Photoshop Elements)  
Fill Flash tool (Photoshop Elements)  
Fill Layer, Solid Color command (Photoshop Elements)  
       selections   2nd   3rd  
               Paint Bucket (Photoshop Elements)  
       gradient fills
Filter menu (Photoshop Elements)  
       junk email   2nd  
filters   2nd  
       Add Noise filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Blur filters (Photoshop Elements)  
       Chalk & Charcoal (Photoshop Elements)  
       Charcoal filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Cont Crayon (Photoshop Elements)  
       Craquelure (Photoshop Elements)  
       Despeckle filter (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Diffuse Glow filter (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Dry Brush (Photoshop Elements)  
       Dust & Scratches filter (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Gaussian Blur (Photoshop Elements)  
       Grain (Photoshop Elements)  
       Graphic Pen filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       grayed out
       Halftone filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Median filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Mosaic Tiles (Photoshop Elements)  
       Motion Blur (Photoshop Elements)  
       Neon Glow filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Noise filters (Photoshop Elements)  
       Ocean filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Paint Daubs (Photoshop Elements)  
       Palette Knife (Photoshop Elements)  
       Patchwork (Photoshop Elements)  
       Plastic Wrap filter  
       Plastic Wrap filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Radial Blur (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Render filters (Photoshop Elements)  
       Rough Pastels (Photoshop Elements)  
       Smart Blur filter (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Smudge Stick (Photoshop Elements)  
       Solarize (Photoshop Elements)  
       Spatter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Sponge filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Stained Glass (Photoshop Elements)  
       Sumi-e (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
               Andromeda Software  
               Eye Candy 4000  
       Underpainting (Photoshop Elements)  
       Unsharp Mask filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Unsharp Mask fitler (Photoshop Elements)
       Water Drops  
       Watercolor (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Wave filter (Photoshop Elements)  
filters (Photoshop Elements)
       Dust & Scratches   2nd  
       Unsharp Mask   2nd  
Filters palette (Photoshop Elements)  
Find command  
       Apple menu
               commands   2nd  
       Computer view  
       content searches   2nd   3rd  
       Edit menu
               commands   2nd   3rd  
       File menu
               commands   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       file searches   2nd   3rd  
       file system   2nd  
               Home directory   2nd  
       Finder window  
       Go menu
               commands   2nd   3rd  
       Help menu  
       preferences command  
       Services window  
       trash can icon  
       version number  
       View menu
               commands   2nd   3rd  
       Window menu
Finder (Mac OS X)
               opening unrecognized files  
       Get Info window
               General Information panel  
       Show Info window
                Open with Application panel  
               Preview panel  
       status bar  
Finder Preferences   2nd  
Finder toolbar (Mac OS X)
Finder windows (Mac OS X)  
       view options   2nd   3rd   4th  
       videotape spots   2nd  
Finger Painting option (Smudge tool)  
Fire filter  
FireWire   2nd   3rd  
       availability on iMac platforms  
       iMovie requirements  
       new devices
       performance features  
       supported device types  
       versus USB ports  
FireWire cables
       camcorder connections  
FireWire connections  
FireWire ports  
       hard drives
               Disk Utility   2nd  
               Drive 10  
               Norton Utilities   2nd  
               TechTool Pro  
Flatten Image command ( Layers menu)  
Flights channel (Sherlock utility)  
folder permissions
       adding to Dock  
       copying   2nd   3rd  
       creating aliases for   2nd  
               adding   2nd   3rd  
       home directory
       locating via icon letter  
               using the keyboard  
       searching via icon letter  
       shared connections   2nd   3rd   4th  
       versus files  
       viewing contents  
       sans serif  
Fonts & Colors pane (Mail Preferences)  
Fonts panel   2nd  
       Extras pop-up menu  
Force Quit command  
Force Quit feature
       system freezes (Classic Mac OS)   2nd  
Force Quit utility   2nd  
               saving   2nd   3rd  
       files (Photoshop Elements)
               saving   2nd  
       Web browsers
               GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)   2nd   3rd   4th  
               JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)  
               PNG (Portable Network Graphics)  
formats.   [See file formats]
Forward command (Go menu)  
four-color process.   [See CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)]
fps ( frames per second)  
       hard drives  
frame rates  
frame rates (digital video)  
frames per second (fps)  
FTP Access service
       activating   2nd  
FTP service
       security concerns  
full color  
Full Color Management (Photoshop Elements)  
Fur filter  
FWB Backup Toolkit
       backup software  
FWB Backup Toolkit software Web site  

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