Chapter 5: Accessing and Running Applications


To get your work done on a computer, you use application programs. Applications let you create documents, crunch data, and communicate with others. As an engine for running applications, Fedora is becoming more viable every day. Not too long ago, there were only a handful of user-friendly applications available. Now there are thousands — and they’re getting more powerful and friendlier all the time.

This chapter describes how to get applications for Fedora and run them. In particular, it teaches you how to download applications from the Internet and install them. For running native Linux applications, this chapter focuses on graphical-based applications (run on an X desktop, including applications distributed over the network).

Besides programs that were specifically created for (or ported to) Linux, it is possible to run applications that were intended for other operating systems. This chapter describes emulators and compatibility software that are available to use with Fedora for running applications created for Windows, DOS, and Macintosh operating systems.

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