List of Listings

Chapter 3: Exploring the Service-Oriented Architecture Pattern

Listing 3-1: A Simple Service Implementation
Listing 3-2: Apache Axis WSDD
Listing 3-3: WSDL Message Definition
Listing 3-4: WSDL Port Type Definition
Listing 3-5: WSDL Binding Information
Listing 3-6: WSDL Service Definition
Listing 3-7: SOAP Request Message
Listing 3-8: SOAP Response Message

Chapter 4: Exploring the Architecture Adapter Pattern

Listing 4-1: WSDD File for CustomerCollectionImpl
Listing 4-2: Customer Creation Through the Client-Side Architecture Adapter

Chapter 5: Introducing the Service Directory Pattern

Listing 5-1: Creating a New Business Entity
Listing 5-2: Categorizing Your Business Entity with a NAICS Identifier
Listing 5-3: Adding Contacts for a Business Entity
Listing 5-4: Saving the Business Entity to UDDI
Listing 5-5: Creating a Business Service in UDDI
Listing 5-6: Creating the tModel in the UDDI Directory
Listing 5-7: Binding a Service to a tModel
Listing 5-8: Setting Up the Query Criteria for the NAICS Code
Listing 5-9: Setting up the tModel Key on Which to Query
Listing 5-10: Submitting and Processing the Results of a UDDI Query

Chapter 6: Exploring the Business Object Pattern

Listing 6-1: JavaBean Example Class
Listing 6-2: Company WSDD
Listing 6-3: Address Complex Type XML Definition
Listing 6-4: Client-Side Access to the Company Web Service
Listing 6-5: Complex Object SOAP Contents

Chapter 7: Exploring the Business Object Collection Pattern

Listing 7-1: Simple Collection Example
Listing 7-2: Customer Collection Implementation
Listing 7-3: Querying the Customer Collection

Chapter 8: Exploring the Business Process (Composition) Pattern

Listing 8-1: Interface Definition Generated from WSDL for a Business Process
Listing 8-2: Implementing the Product Order Business Process

Chapter 9: Exploring the Asynchronous Business Process Pattern

Listing 9-1: Invocation of an Asynchronous Business Process

Chapter 10: Exploring the Event Monitor Pattern

Listing 10-1: Application Invocation of an Event Monitor
Listing 10-2: Callback Method on the Observer Interface and Client to the Event Monitor
Listing 10-3: Setting Up and Monitoring a Business Process

Chapter 11: Implementing the Observer Pattern

Listing 11-1: Java-Based Observer Pattern Driver Program
Listing 11-2: ProductOrderObserver Implementation
Listing 11-3: Observer Maintenance
Listing 11-4: Notification Process Observers of Changes
Listing 11-5: Registering an Observer from a Client Program

Chapter 12: Implementing the Publish/Subscribe Pattern

Listing 12-1: Event Service Implementation
Listing 12-2: A Simple Subscriber
Listing 12-3: Publishing an Event to the Event Service

Chapter 13: Exploring the Physical Tiers Pattern

Listing 13-1: Interface to the Remote Implementation Class
Listing 13-2: Application-Side Event Subscriber
Listing 13-3: Subscriber Web Service Implementation
Listing 13-4: Registering the Application's Subscriber with RMI's Naming Service
Listing 13-5: Creating the Application-Side Subscriber and Registering the Subscriber

Chapter 14: Exploring the Faux Implementation Pattern

Listing 14-1: SOAP Message Received by a Subscriber
Listing 14-2: Response SOAP Message from the Subscriber
Listing 14-3: Listening for a SOAP Message
Listing 14-4: Registering with the Event Service

Chapter 15: Exploring the Service Factory Pattern

Listing 15-1: Constructing an Adapter from the Access Point Structure
Listing 15-2: Using the Product Collection Service Factory

Chapter 16: Implementing the Data Transfer Object Pattern

Listing 16-1: A Data Transfer Object Implementation
Listing 16-2: Enhanced Customer Collection Class to Use the Data Transfer Collection
Listing 16-3: Using the Data Transfer Collection from a Web Service Client

Chapter 17: Exploring the Partial Population Pattern

Listing 17-1: Partial Population Retrieval by Key in the Service Implementation
Listing 17-2: Retrieving the Partially Populated Data Transfer Object
Listing 17-3: Business Object Modification in the Service Implementation
Listing 17-4: Changing Data with Partially Populated Properties

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