List of Tables

Chapter 2: Introducing the P.T. Monday Case Study

Table 2-1: Business Requirements
Table 2-2: User Requirements
Table 2-3: Functional Requirements
Table 2-4: Nonfunctional Requirements
Table 2-5: Technology Choices

Chapter 3: Exploring the Service-Oriented Architecture Pattern

Table 3-1: Sample Location
Table 3-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 4: Exploring the Architecture Adapter Pattern

Table 4-1: Sample Location
Table 4-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 5: Introducing the Service Directory Pattern

Table 5-1: Business Requirements
Table 5-2: Sample Location
Table 5-3: Ant Targets

Chapter 6: Exploring the Business Object Pattern

Table 6-1: Sample Location
Table 6-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 7: Exploring the Business Object Collection Pattern

Table 7-1: Requirements Fulfilled by the Business Object and Business Object Collection Patterns
Table 7-2: Sample Location
Table 7-3: Ant Targets

Chapter 8: Exploring the Business Process (Composition) Pattern

Table 8-1: Sample Location
Table 8-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 9: Exploring the Asynchronous Business Process Pattern

Table 9-1: Requirements Facilitated by the Asynchronous Business Process
Table 9-2: Sample Location
Table 9-3: Ant Targets

Chapter 10: Exploring the Event Monitor Pattern

Table 10-1: Requirements Identifying Places That Clients May Use Event Monitors
Table 10-2: Requirements Identifying Places That You May Use Event Monitors on External Services
Table 10-3: Sample Location
Table 10-4: Ant Targets

Chapter 11: Implementing the Observer Pattern

Table 11-1: Sample Requirements Leading to the Observer Pattern
Table 11-2: Sample Location
Table 11-3: Ant Targets

Chapter 12: Implementing the Publish/Subscribe Pattern

Table 12-1: Sample Location
Table 12-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 13: Exploring the Physical Tiers Pattern

Table 13-1: Sample Location
Table 13-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 14: Exploring the Faux Implementation Pattern

Table 14-1: Sample Location
Table 14-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 15: Exploring the Service Factory Pattern

Table 15-1: Business Requirements
Table 15-2: Sample Location
Table 15-3: Ant Targets

Chapter 16: Implementing the Data Transfer Object Pattern

Table 16-1: Sample Location
Table 16-2: Ant Targets

Chapter 17: Exploring the Partial Population Pattern

Table 17-1: Roasted Coffee Bean Database Table
Table 17-2: Query Result Table
Table 17-3: Sample Location
Table 17-4: Ant Targets

Appendix: Using the Pattern Code

Table A-1: Required Software
Table A-2: MySQL Utilities
Table A-3: Important, Readable Files in the Downloaded Source Code

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