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Essential PHP Security
By Chris Shiflett
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00656-X
Pages: 124

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      What's Inside
      Style Conventions
      Comments and Questions
      Safari Enabled
        Chapter 1.  Introduction
      Section 1.1.  PHP Features
      Section 1.2.  Principles
      Section 1.3.  Practices
        Chapter 2.  Forms and URLs
      Section 2.1.  Forms and Data
      Section 2.2.  Semantic URL Attacks
      Section 2.3.  File Upload Attacks
      Section 2.4.  Cross-Site Scripting
      Section 2.5.  Cross-Site Request Forgeries
      Section 2.6.  Spoofed Form Submissions
      Section 2.7.  Spoofed HTTP Requests
        Chapter 3.  Databases and SQL
      Section 3.1.  Exposed Access Credentials
      Section 3.2.  SQL Injection
      Section 3.3.  Exposed Data
        Chapter 4.  Sessions and Cookies
      Section 4.1.  Cookie Theft
      Section 4.2.  Exposed Session Data
      Section 4.3.  Session Fixation
      Section 4.4.  Session Hijacking
        Chapter 5.  Includes
      Section 5.1.  Exposed Source Code
      Section 5.2.  Backdoor URLs
      Section 5.3.  Filename Manipulation
      Section 5.4.  Code Injection
        Chapter 6.  Files and Commands
      Section 6.1.  Traversing the Filesystem
      Section 6.2.  Remote File Risks
      Section 6.3.  Command Injection
        Chapter 7.  Authentication and Authorization
      Section 7.1.  Brute Force Attacks
      Section 7.2.  Password Sniffing
      Section 7.3.  Replay Attacks
      Section 7.4.  Persistent Logins
        Chapter 8.  Shared Hosting
      Section 8.1.  Exposed Source Code
      Section 8.2.  Exposed Session Data
      Section 8.3.  Session Injection
      Section 8.4.  Filesystem Browsing
      Section 8.5.  Safe Mode
        Appendix A.  Configuration Directives
      Section A.1.  allow_url_fopen
      Section A.2.  disable_functions
      Section A.3.  display_errors
      Section A.4.  enable_dl
      Section A.5.  error_reporting
      Section A.6.  file_uploads
      Section A.7.  log_errors
      Section A.8.  magic_quotes_gpc
      Section A.9.  memory_limit
      Section A.10.  open_basedir
      Section A.11.  register_globals
      Section A.12.  safe_mode
        Appendix B.  Functions
      Section B.1.  eval( )
      Section B.2.  exec( )
      Section B.3.  file( )
      Section B.4.  file_get_contents( )
      Section B.5.  fopen( )
      Section B.6.  include
      Section B.7.  passthru( )
      Section B.8.  phpinfo( )
      Section B.9.  popen( )
      Section B.10.  preg_replace( )
      Section B.11.  proc_open( )
      Section B.12.  readfile( )
      Section B.13.  require
      Section B.14.  shell_exec( )
      Section B.15.  system( )
        Appendix C.  Cryptography
      Section C.1.  Storing Passwords
      Section C.2.  Using mcrypt
      Section C.3.  Storing Credit Card Numbers
      Section C.4.  Encrypting Session Data
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Essential PHP Security
Essential PHP Security
ISBN: 059600656X
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