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Passport, example of vulnerability in
passthru() function 2nd
     hashing, with client-side scripting
     reminders for
     storing in cookies
     storing in database
PDO library, escaping performed automatically by
PEAR::DB library, escaping performed automatically by
persistent logins
PHP manual
PHP Security Consortium 2nd
PHP, features of
phpinfo() function
popen() function 2nd
POST data, trustworthiness of
POST requests, for authentication forms
post_max_size directive
practices for security
prediction, obtaining session identifer using
preg_replace() function
presentation attacks
principles of security
privileges, allowing least necessary
proc_open() function
protocol-level redirects, obtaining session identifier using
     Apache Security (Ristic)
     Applied Cryptography (Schneier)

Essential PHP Security
Essential PHP Security
ISBN: 059600656X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 110

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