The development of m-commerce and the wireless World Wide Web is the evolution of several different technologies to make the Internet more accessible and commerce easier for the consumer. While the Internet is already a valuable form of business, which has already changed the way the world is doing business, the format in which we will view it is changing. There are many new opportunities that have only just begun to be explored. This will become a large opportunity for those who capitalize upon this technology. The growth trends are impressive, and the public interest and large companies are behind this technology.

We are currently in a wireless version of the chicken-and-the-egg scenario. Finding a stable, high-bandwidth wireless option is critical if wireless technology is to become a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. However, the carriers need to know if the technology will be accepted before investing billions in new infrastructure. Acceptance will be determined by how the technology can be applied to the users' day-to-day activities. New networks of wireless networks are springing up around the country, as users find a need for wireless applications that are not currently supported by the existing wireless companies.

The application of m-commerce technology is the true seller. Its success is contingent upon a majority of Internet browsers using mobile digital phones. To be fully accepted, all of these technologies must overcome their current drawbacks. Technology is being developed to overcome the security drawbacks, but enhanced viewing devices and input devices for controlling the data must be developed. As we go toward the new generation of wireless telecommunications, the United States, in order to keep it from lagging behind Japan and Europe, needs a single technical standard for newer generations of wireless devices and a coherent electromagnetic spectrum allocation policy that would allow for more and cheaper spectrum to be used for telecommunications. Also, the infrastructure to control smart card payments may be a few years off for the United States, but it will need to be accepted at shops and businesses throughout the United States to make it useful. Mobile e-commerce will change our world of business to a similar degree that the Internet alone has changed business today.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
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