This paper presents the SAFER e-payment system suited to the requirements of agent-based e-/m-commerce. The secure electronic transaction (SET) protocol was chosen as the payment scheme implemented. The SET protocol is a matured payment-card-based system supported by most major companies involved in e-/m-commerce. Using it as a basis for the project thus increases the relevance of implementation.

The prototype built illustrates the high degree of functionality capable by using this approach. For instance, orders are made in a single interface window for products from different merchants . The clearly defined interfaces also facilitate the addition of new features in a single module without compromising reliability in other modules. It is anticipated that there would not be major difficulties in integrating this application with the already existing SAFER community administration center (CAC) implementation.

Additional developments of the system in the future could include the incorporation of agent security measures. Research has already been carried out in this area by other concurrent projects and the results could be used to enhance the current system. In addition, other electronic payment schemes can be implemented as additional payment modules to add to the flexibility of our framework for the convenience of users.

Mobile Commerce Applications
Mobile Commerce Applications
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