It’s been a long day for you, but for the LMS work never stops. While you’re at home recovering, your international employees are busy accessing the system for learning on an anytime, anywhere basis. No need for you to worry about this now, because the records will be there for you to look at in the morning.

As you will have seen, LMSs come with a great many knobs on and, as the great feature wars continue, the number of knobs will grow exponentially. What you have to work out is which of these knobs you’ll ever need to turn. Look where you can get the most added-value in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing the opportunity to add more knobs later. And don’t rely on this book for detail - by the time you read it, many of the systems mentioned here will be capable of doing much more. Launch your browser and get surfing, starting with the links below.

E-Learning's Greatest Hits
E-learnings Greatest Hits
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