Chapter 12. Working with DataSets

Chapter 12. Working with DataSets


  • nderstanding DataSets

  • Understanding DataTables

  • Understanding DataViews

  • Using DataSets with ASP.NET Pages

In this chapter, you will learn how to represent database data in a disconnected, memory-resident database by taking advantage of ADO.NET DataSets .

The first section discusses how you can build DataSets . You will learn how to add the contents of existing database tables to a DataSet and bind DataSets to ASP.NET controls such as the DataGrid control.

Next , you will learn how to work with the tables contained in a DataSet and modify table and column properties. You also will examine how to define relationships between the tables in a DataSet such as parent/child relationships.

The chapter next tackles the topic of working with DataViews . A DataView enables you to filter, sort , and find rows in a table contained in a DataSet .

Finally, you will examine methods of using DataSets in your ASP.NET applications. You will learn how to improve the performance of your Web site by caching database data in DataSets and displaying the contents of the DataSets in your ASP.NET pages.

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