Chapter 10. Binding Data to Web Controls


  • Overview of Data Binding

  • Binding a Server Control to a Data Source

  • Creating Master/Detail Forms

  • Data Binding without Data Binding Expressions

This chapter focuses on the topic of data binding. The first section provides an overview of data binding. You learn how to take advantage of data binding when working with any control.

Next, you learn how to use a control that completely depends on data binding: the ASP.NET Repeater control. You learn how to use the Repeater control to display database data and format the data with templates.

After examining the Repeater control, you tackle the subject of using data binding with controls such as DropDownList , RadioButtonList , and ListBox . For example, you learn how to grab records from a database and display them within a drop-down list.


You can view "live" versions of many of the code samples in this chapter by visiting the Superexpert Web site:

Finally, you look at some slightly more complicated examples of data binding. You learn how to build master/detail forms by binding controls to database data. You also learn how to use templates without using data binding expressions.

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