This chapter introduced ADO.NET. First, you learned about the classes in the ADO.NET framework and the differences between the different data providers such as the System.Data.SqlClient , System.Data.OleDb , System.Data.Odbc , and System.Data.OracleClient classes.

Next , you learned how to open database connections to different types of databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. You learned how to use the Connection , Command , and DataReader classes to both retrieve and modify database records and use the classes from ADO.NET with Web forms.

In the next section, you learned two methods of improving the database access performance of your ASP.NET pages. You learned how to package SQL statements into stored procedures. You were also provided with an overview of database connection pooling.

Finally, we explored several advanced database topics. You learned how to execute statements in the context of a transaction, control the behavior of commands, and retrieve database table schema information.

ASP.NET Unleashed
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
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