In this chapter, you built the ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store. This sample store illustrated several advanced features of ASP.NET.

First, you learned how to use the HttpContext Items collection to pass information between modules (such as the Global.asax file) and ASP.NET pages. You learned how the HttpContext Items collection enables you to easily pass information throughout your ASP.NET applications.

Next, you learned how to build a shopping cart with ADO.NET. You saw an example of how to use the methods of the ADO.NET DataSet and DataAdapter classes to synchronize a shopping cart with a database table.

Finally, you learned how to use user controls to create dynamic product templates. You learned how to use the LoadControl method to dynamically load a user control. You also learned how to provide dynamically loaded controls with shared properties by creating a product template code-behind file.

ASP.NET Unleashed
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
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Year: 2003
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