Chapter 31. Creating an Online Store


  • Overview of the ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store

  • Installing the ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store

  • Building the Navigation System

  • Caching the Product Data

  • Building the Shopping Cart

  • Dynamically Loading Product Templates

In this final chapter, you learn how to build the ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store. The ASP.NET Unleashed Sample Store illustrates a number of advanced features of ASP.NET:

  • Dynamically loaded user controls ” The store that you build in this chapter takes advantage of user controls to display product information. You'll use user controls to create product templates so that you can display product information with different page layouts.

  • A database-driven shopping cart ” The shopping cart that you'll build for your store makes use of several advanced features of ADO.NET. The shopping cart uses a DataSet and a DataAdapter to automatically synchronize its contents with a SQL Server database table.

  • Complex interaction between ASP.NET objects ” Your online store will be built out of a wide variety of objects from the ASP.NET Framework, such as custom business components , user controls, a module, and ASP.NET pages. In the course of this chapter, you'll learn some tricks to make it easier to exchange information between all these objects.

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