Section 8.5. Key Issues: VoIP Readiness

8.5. Key Issues: VoIP Readiness

  • The business environment, network environment, and implementation scenario must be adequately prepared for VoIP in the enterprise

  • The more technical VoIP knowledge youas an integratorpossess, the better prepared you'll be for VoIP

  • TCP/IP is the only packet networking protocol used on a VoIP network, though VoIP networks are often connected by ATM

  • Enterprise VoIP guidelines vary by vendor, but the technology works best on switched, high-speed LANs and WANs

  • Wireless Ethernet and VPN will work with VoIP, but not with the reliability of switched Ethernet

  • VoIP can bring businesses gains of efficiency, productivity, and lower costs

  • Applying a cost-benefit assessment user-by- user or department-by-department is a good way to see which workgroups in your company will most benefit from these gains.

  • For large VoIP projects, it's important to develop an RFP and allow several vendors to bid against it

  • The RFP should specify the standards you prefer, not the brands you prefer

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
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