Chapter Review Questions

The following questions test your knowledge of topics explained in this chapter. You can find the answers to the questions in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter Review Questions."


Which type of trunk connects two local telephone company COs?

  1. tie trunk

  2. CO trunk

  3. interoffice trunk

  4. OPX trunk


What type of "tone" is used by a touch-tone phone to dial digits?

  1. CAS

  2. DTMF

  3. SF

  4. TDM


Which multiplexing process is used by TDM?

  1. Timeslots are assigned to different channels, regardless of whether there is data to transmit.

  2. Timeslots are assigned to different channels depending on which traffic has a higher priority at that time.

  3. All timeslots are used by the channel that is transmitting data at that time.

  4. Timeslots are assigned to the channel that starts transmitting first and are used by the other channels as timeslots become available.


DSL is an example of which style of multiplexing?

  1. frequency-division

  2. phase-division

  3. time-division

  4. statistical time-division


When discussing call control, what function does call setup use to ensure that there is enough bandwidth to place a call?

  1. call routing

  2. call maintenance

  3. call supervision

  4. Call Admission Control


Which two protocols are examples of distributed call control?

  1. MGCP

  2. H.323

  3. SIP

  4. Megaco


In the centralized call control model, signaling is performed by which component?

  1. gateway

  2. gatekeeper

  3. MCU

  4. call agent


To what does the FXS interface provide a direct connection?

  1. CO

  2. E&M trunk

  3. telephone

  4. gatekeeper


What is the function of the SRST component of a centralized voice enterprise network?

  1. Connects IP phones on remote sites to Cisco Unified CallManager

  2. Provides local call-processing capabilities in case of a WAN outage

  3. Configures routing plans for the gateways

  4. Serves as the primary voice path between sites


An E1 interface can carry up to how many simultaneous conversations?

  1. 16

  2. 24

  3. 30

  4. 32

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