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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
By Doug  Wallace, Isobel  Raggett, Joel  Aufgang
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : September 20, 2002
ISBN : 0-201-79427-6
Pages : 192

Web development teams have been operating in the dark for far too long. The lack of proven development methodologies for the Web environment has resulted in a constant struggle for developers to produce quality Web-based projects on time and within budget. The field is multidisciplinary in character, involving both technology and graphic design: Web-based project development must address the issue of company image, must function on multiple platforms, and must incorporate multiple media into one complete package.

Extreme Programming for Web Projects shows how the Extreme Programming (XP) software development discipline can be adapted and applied to the Web-based project development process. This book demonstrates how the hallmarks of XP-continuous integration, short iterations, paired programming, automated testing, and extensive client involvement-are particularly well suited to the unique demands of Web-based development. Based on years of real-world experience, the book offers proven best practices that enable developers to deal efficiently and effectively with the challenges they face and, ultimately, to produce Web-based projects that meet and/or exceed customer expectations.

Readers will find information on vital topics such as:

  • How the XP team approach enhances communication between Web technology and graphic design professionals

  • How XP automated testing ensures a comprehensive approach to testing page layout, performance, and multiplatform operation

  • How XP's continuous integration and short iterations serve the Web development team's need for flexibility

  • How XP's emphasis on client involvement throughout the project improves oftentimes adversarial client relationships

  • How XP can facilitate the difficult task of estimating the time and cost of project completion

  • How XP functionality "stories" can be adapted for Web-based presentation stories

  • How XML, XSLT, and Cascading Style Sheets can help sites remain flexible and maintainable

  • How to use these guidelines for outstanding Web site design and coding techniques

As the Web industry continues to mature, there is a great need for methodologies that will ensure project quality as well as efficiency and cost-effectiveness . The fast-paced and flexible Extreme Programming methodology offers an excellent starting point for Web developers to improve their working processes and employ best practices.

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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
Extreme Programming for Web Projects
ISBN: 0201794276
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