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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
By Doug  Wallace, Isobel  Raggett, Joel  Aufgang
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : September 20, 2002
ISBN : 0-201-79427-6
Pages : 192

      Part  I.   XP and Web Projects
        Chapter  1.   Why the Web Industry Needs XP
        Trying to Be All Things to All Customers
        Projects Not Delivered on Time or on Budget
        Adversarial Customer/Developer Relationships
        Unsuccessful Projects
        The XP Solution
        XP Web Development
        Chapter  2.   Project Estimating
        The Pitfalls of Estimating
        The Parameters of Estimating
        An XP Estimating Strategy
        Chapter  3.   Customer Trust
        Promises Unkept
        Building Trust
        Chapter  4.   The Release Plan
        Customer Goals
        Strategies for Achieving Customer Goals
        Technical Constraints
        Appropriate Web Technologies
        The Release Plan Document
      Part  II.   Working on Web XP Projects
        Chapter  5.   The Project Team
        Typical XP Project Roles
        Web XP Project Roles
        Pair Programming
        Continuous Integration
        Transitioning the Team to XP
        Chapter  6.   The Development Environment
        The Work Space
        Locating the Customer
        Work Timing
        Breaking the XP Rules
        Chapter  7.   Working in Iterations
        Stories and Deliverables
        The Iteration Strategy Session
        Iteration Planning and Estimating
        Iteration 1: Preparing for Development
        Iteration 2: Avoiding Risk
        Iteration 3: Spikes
        The Iterations Ahead
        Chapter  8.   The Graphic Design Process
        The Pitfalls of Ignoring the Customer during Design
        Graphic Design Iterations
        Matching Tasks and Iterations
      Part  III.   XML and Web XP
        Chapter  9.   XML ”A Better Way
        XML to the Rescue
        Chapter  10.   XP Web Development Practices
        XML in Web Development
        The XML Site Map
        Unit Testing with XML
        Deploying the XML Site
      Part  IV.   Web XP Best Practices
        Chapter  11.   Planning
        High Risk versus High Cost
        The XP Alternative
        User Stories
        Project Velocity
        The Team
        Adapting XP
        Chapter  12.   Design
        CRC Cards
        Naming Conventions
        Starting Slowly
        Chapter  13.   Coding
        Coding Best Practices
        Chapter  14.   Testing
        Unit Testing
        Unit Tests for Web Projects
        Managing Assets
        How to Get Started
        Web Sites
      Further Reading
        For Everyone
        For Strategists
        For Project Managers
        For Developers
        For the Designer
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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
Extreme Programming for Web Projects
ISBN: 0201794276
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 95

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