In addition to the authors, the DotNetNuke development team is comprised of many individuals working together from around the world. We want to acknowledge these people and their contributions to the project. Following are the DotNetNuke contributors and their roles within the community.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the long-term strategic vision of the project. Its members are:

  • Dan Caron, see About the Authors.

  • Joe Brinkman, see About the Authors.

  • Nik Kalyani is the founder and CEO of Speerio, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based software company. Kalyani, a serial entrepreneur, is proficient in many areas of software development but has a special focus on web application usability. He has contributed several DotNetNuke modules to the community and continues to focus Speerio's growth as a leading developer of enterprise-class DotNetNuke modules. On the Core Team, in addition to working on DotNetNuke strategy with other Board members, Kalyani coordinates the marketing efforts. In 2005, Kalyani worked closely with DotNetNuke leadership to develop the current DotNetNuke logo and brand elements. More recently, he founded Capital DUG, the DotNetNuke users group for the metro-D.C. area. A Western Michigan University computer science alumnus, Kalyani blogs regularly about his experiences developing .NET applications using C# and about the nascent web. Kalyani, his wife, and year-old daughter live in Washington, where he continues to learn more about the political process in preparation for a future run for Congress.

  • Scott Willhite, see About the Authors.

  • Shaun Walker, see About the Authors.

Core Team

The DotNetNuke Core Team is divided into two levels of participation—a Trustee Role and the Core Team. They represent different levels of trust and responsibility within the DotNetNuke organization.

Trustee Role

A Trustee Role is granted to individuals who have demonstrated their long-term commitment to the project. They have acted professionally, accepted responsibility, delivered assigned tasks successfully, and are actively engaged with the community. They act as Managers in key functional areas and manage communication with sub-teams of Core Team members.

Bruce Hopkins, see About the Authors.

Charles Nurse has been developing software for more than 25 years. He is the owner of his own consulting business, Keydance Computer Services, and has been a DotNetNuke developer for two years (the last 18 months as an Inner Core Team member, now Trustee). He was lead developer on the .NET 2 version of DotNetNuke (DNN 4.0). He is in the process of developing his own DotNetNuke Developer Resource site (, where he will be providing articles on developing for and with DotNetNuke. He was born in Bristol, England, but has been living in beautiful British Columbia on the west coast of Canada for the last 27 years. He and his wife Eileen have two teenage children.

Cathal Connolly works as a Senior Developer and Consultant with EG Information Consulting (, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Cathal has previously worked for IT companies in the UK, U.S., and Austria, developing both web and client/server applications using Microsoft technologies. His current focus is the development of secure banking applications and bespoke Smart Client .NET products. He is an MCSD, holds a BSc in Computer Science, and is an MVP in Visual Studio/VB.NET.

Christopher Paterra, see About the Authors.

Dan Caron, see About the Authors.

Joe Brinkman, see About the Authors.

Jon Henning is a senior consultant with Solution Partners Inc. (, a Chicago-based consulting company specializing in Microsoft technologies. He is an MCSD who has been working with Visual Studio .NET since the PDC release. While he has written several articles dealing with all aspects of programming, his current love is the development of rich client-side functionality. Recently for version 3, Jon initiated the development of the DotNetNuke ClientAPI, which enabled developers to write rich client-side cross-browser logic against a simple API. The use of this API can be found throughout DotNetNuke, including the DotNetNuke TreeView, DotNetNuke LabelEdit, and DotNetNuke TextSuggest controls. Jon resides in Aurora, Illinois, with his wife Holly, and two children, Kyle and Carter.

John Mitchell is the founder and president of Snapsis Software, Inc. ( John has more than 20 years of development experience and has been working on the leading edge of Internet technologies for the past seven years. He specializes in the architecture, design, development, and implementation of portal/e-commerce applications. John has led teams in the development of several web sites including and He has been using and enhancing DotNetNuke since May 2003 and is a founding member of the Tulsa .NET Users Group (

Philip Beadle (MCAD, MVP) of Byte Information Technology in 2004 ( is a foundation member of the DotNetNuke Core Team and a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. He is experienced in the development and commercial application of the DotNetNuke Framework based on Microsoft's .NET technology. He has successfully developed and implemented sites for clients in Australia and over-seas and was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in ASP/ASP.NET.

Scott McCulloch, see About the Authors.

Scott Willhite, see About the Authors.

Shaun Walker, see About the Authors.

Vicenç Masanas is a developer and analyst at the Universitat de Girona, Spain. He has been developing web sites with Microsoft technologies, including ASP, VB, ASP.NET, Access, and SQL Server, since 1998. Vicenç joined the DotNetNuke community in summer 2003 coming from IBS portal. Today, his role within the DotNetNuke team is contributing as a Core Developer, Bugs & Enhancement Specialist, and DotNetNuke Evangelist for the Spanish area. Currently, Vicenç is working on a number of projects based on the DotNetNuke platform. Specializing on this platform as a framework for future works, he has also written VS.NET tools and tutorials for DNN developers that have been highly acclaimed (available at He provides online support and training for DotNetNuke and custom module development and consultancy for DotNetNuke projects.

Geert Veenstra, a member of the DotNetNuke Inner Core Team, is currently working for Schmit (, a company that specializes in Parking solutions as a technical support specialist. In his daily job, he works with a multitude of operating systems (both Windows and Unix variants) and databases (such as Oracle, SQL and MySql Server). He has created the company's intranet and a customer bug-reporting web site (now both using DotNetNuke, of course). He joined the DotNetNuke team in mid 2003 and has been working mainly on Localization and Bug Fixing. He created the first third-party DotNetNuke dataprovider (for MySql) as well as a DNN installer.

Core Team

The Core Team is comprised of individuals who have achieved recognition within the DotNetNuke community—sometimes based on technical prowess but most often based upon their unselfish actions assisting other community members. Team members work closely with Trustee members to help manage various aspects of the project. Once a Core Team member gains a unanimous vote of respect and trust in the DotNetNuke Core, they are offered a promotion to the Trustee Role.

Bo Nørgaard holds a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, is a certified Psion developer and engineer, and is a certified Internet Security Systems security engineer. He has been programming since 1979 and has been through Comal 80, Pascal, ANSI C, ADA, PLM, ASM (Intel), OO Pascal, Delphi, C++, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, Java, and now C#. He started teaching in 1991 at the Copenhagen University College of Engineering, and later at the National Theatre School of Denmark. Bo has presented at several events including detailed security practices at CA-World in New Orleans. He is CEO of Bonosoft and operates the DotNetNuke developer community site (, which has numerous resources for both Visual Basic and Visual C# programmers writing plug-in modules for DotNetNuke.

Bryan Andrews has been developing web applications since Netscape 1.0 and has worked in many different capacities in the past 12 years from infrastructure architecture and management, to the development of collaborative and knowledge management tools. He is president and one of the founders of an Atlanta-headquartered marketing agency (TrendCRM) and associated development company (AppTheory), which produces marketing and communication tools. DotNetNuke has become the platform of choice for many of their clients and as such they have developed a complete suite of tools and agency-specific modules to support these clients.

Chris Hammond is the Product Manager for Internet Solutions with Engage Software in St. Louis, Missouri ( Engage Software's DotNetNuke work includes custom module and skinning implementation for some of the larger DNN implementations on the Internet including and Chris has started a DotNetNuke user group in St. Louis ( and taken time to speak at user groups around the Midwest to evangelize and teach DNN. In his free time Chris participates in various activities with the Sports Car Club of America, including autocross and club racing, and manages multiple community portals dedicated to his hobbies. (,

Jeremy White, founder and president of Webstone Technologies, LLC, is a founding member of the DNN Core Team. He holds MCSE, MCP+I, and MCT certifications and has many years of experience in programming, networking, WiFi, VoIP, and CMS technology implementations for a multi-national company. Jeremy has been actively involved in designing and developing web solutions with various Microsoft Internet technologies including ASP and ASP.NET. He is the author of the popular Shadow module for DNN 1.x and 2.x and has been a frequent DNN forums contributor since February 2003. Jeremy resides in Long Island, NY, with his wife and two dogs.

Leigh Pointer is an accomplished Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with years of experience in the IT sector since 1988. He is highly experienced in user interaction design, web design, software engineering, software analysis and design, problem solving, and user relations. He demonstrates leader-ship in resource and project management, and has an in-depth understanding of Microsoft development tools. Leigh is results-oriented and thrives in an innovative, creative, challenging, fast-paced workplace. He consults on DotNetNuke, and can manage the process from installation to going live, whether the solution is Internet or intranet. Leigh is constantly designing and developing new modules for DotNetNuke, giving even more added functionality to what is already in the box. He is also the founder of the Netherlands and European DNN user groups.

Lorraine Young is a business analyst for Byte Information Technology based in Melbourne, Australia ( She is a founding member of the DotNetNuke Core Team who provides assistance in the user experience and documentation areas of the DotNetNuke Project. Lorraine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing and Literature and a post-graduate degree in Orientation and Mobility for vision-impaired adults and children.

Patrick Santry, see About the Authors.

Mark Hoskins is the founder of KodHedZ Software Development ( based out of Victoria, BC, Canada, where he has been developing ASP.NET Business Management, eCommerce, and Dynamic Internet applications for more than three years, primarily using DotNetNuke as the development platform since its conception in December 2002. In addition to web applications, he has authored many articles and tutorials for developers on implementing and developing solutions using DotNetNuke and provides a wealth of resources at his flagship domain,

Michael Washington is a web site developer and an ASP.NET C# and Visual Basic programmer. He has extensive knowledge in process improvement, billing systems, and credit card transaction processing. He has been involved with DotNetNuke for nearly three years and has worked on DotNetNuke Data Access Layer enhancements. He is the author of numerous DotNetNuke modules and tutorials including "Creating a DotNetNuke Module for Absolute Beginners!" He has a son, Zachary, and resides in Los Angeles with his wife Valerie.

Nina Meiers is a self-employed DotNetNuke web site skinner whose Core Team roles include User Experience Specialist, DotNetNuke Evangelist, and Technical Writing & Marketing Specialist. Nina's experience in graphics, her eye for technical perfection, and her ability to work well with developer and clients alike have helped secure her niche in the DotNetNuke community with more than 12,500 down-loads of many quality free skins available from Nina also has an extensive portfolio of projects from small business to Fortune 500 companies on her web site. Nina is married with children and enjoys renovations, reading, writing, and driving her muscle sports car.

Robert J. Collins is the founder and president of WillowTree Software, Inc., a custom software and DotNetNuke consulting company ( Robert is a veteran developer with more than a decade of web development experience, specializing in the design, development, and implementation of e-commerce applications, corporate intranet tools, and high availability data-driven web applications. He has established himself as a worldwide leader in the web development community. Robert founded the very successful Boise .NET Developers User Group (, which is dedicated to the promotion of the Microsoft .NET Framework and Services. Rob formerly worked for Microsoft Corporation, where he was responsible for providing high availability web and database application solutions for Microsoft internal services and Microsoft partners. He also is an established desktop/client server applications developer, network systems engineer, and cluster services specialist with more than five years of experience working as a systems integrator (MCP, MCP+I, MCSE, MCSE+I).

Salar Golestanian specializes in skinning and UI, working solely in the DotNetNuke environment. He has years of creative design experience and is currently targeting clients wanting content management solutions. Salar is working on a number of projects based on the DotNetNuke platform; the links to various projects and showcases are available on Salar's background is in Internet technology using Microsoft tools. He has Bachelor of Science and MPhil degrees in Physics. He lives with his fiancé and daughter near London, U.K.

Shawn Mehaffie holds a MCP (ASP.NET) certification and is working on his MCSD certification. Shawn has 14 years' programming experience in VB.NET, ASP.NET, and C# and has worked with .NET since its release. He was on a team that wrote a payment engine web service as part of the Microsoft .NET Blaze program. Shawn also owns his own company, PC Resources, LLC ( He has been a part of the DotNetNuke community since v1.0 and currently uses DotNetNuke to create web sites for his customers. Shawn is the QA Team Leader and a member of the Bug & Enhancement Team. Shawn is excited about being on the DotNetNuke Core Team and the positive contributions his team can have on future releases of DotNetNuke. Shawn lives in Blue Springs, Mo., with his wife and sons Austin and Tyler.

Steve Fabian has been designing and developing software solutions for 19 years. In addition to programming in more than a dozen different languages, Steve is proficient in graphics and web design and for the past few years has focused on user interface design, .NET development, both client and browser based, and most recently, DotNetNuke. Steve lives in New Jersey with his wife and their five dogs, Kahlua, Amaretto, Sambucca, Daiquiri, and Whiskey. In his extremely limited free time, Steve and his wife do volunteer work for BARKS, an animal rescue shelter in Byram, New Jersey (see

Tam Tran Minh holds a degree in architecture from HCMC-Vietnam University of Architecture. He is currently chairman and CIO of TTT Corporation in Vietnam ( Since 2003, DotNetNuke has been the main content management portal for his company. Tam has developed and contributed several DotNetNuke modules to the community. Tam is currently developing a management and collaboration system for TTT with Visual Basic, Exchange/Outlook and now VB.NET. He is author of several articles in PC-World Vietnam and has published a book titled Architectural Space — Virtual and Reality (winner of the National Architectural Awards 2002 in Vietnam) based on projects of TTT using computer graphic technologies. Tam speaks both Vietnamese and English.

Michael Washington is a web site developer and an ASP.NET C# and Visual Basic programmer. He has extensive knowledge in process improvement, billing systems, and credit card transaction processing. He has been involved with DotNetNuke for nearly 3 years and has worked on the DotNetNuke Data Access Layer enhancements. He is the author of numerous DotNetNuke modules and tutorials including "Creating a DotNetNuke Module for Absolute Beginners!" He, his wife Valerie, and their son Zachary and reside in Los Angeles.

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