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Sounds of laughter make rapid transformations to electricity.

—James Coggins

We have had a superb editor for our work inside NetIQ: Susan M. Pearsall, Ph.D. She read every word in every chapter multiple times, at every point offering suggestions on improving readability. We received similar assistance from our editors at Cisco Press, Howard Jones and Chris Cleveland.

We cannot thank John Kane enough for his patience with us throughout this project. There was much hoop jumping at many stages of the project cycle, but John hung in there. We appreciate the many efforts of John in getting this book off the ground and into print.

The idea for this book belongs to Aimee Doyle. She coordinated the steps needed in project management to get it funded, and suggested the overall outline for the book. She was our advocate at many points in time inside NetIQ, which we appreciate. Melissa Bertone, in the office adjoining Aimee, helped us through many technical and production problems. Tammi Barnett, at Cisco Press, handled many of the behind-the-scenes matters flawlessly.

We had excellent technical reviewers. Mark Gallo, Mike Kisch, and Brian Ritchey added comments, clarified technical details, and helped make the book better in many ways.

We have had many fine reviewers inside NetIQ, who read the unfolding book a chapter at a time and provided us with excellent feedback. They're our heroes, as well. Sometimes their feedback was a fully marked-up chapter; sometimes it was simply a gem of an idea. We list them here alphabetically: Paula Acker, Jeff Aldridge, Lynne Attix, Tom Carey, James Coggins, Jeff Dozer, Peter Frame, Larry Hountz, Steve Joyce, Robby Rose, Tod Schumacher, Peter Schwaller, Chris Selvaggi, Kim Shorb, Carl Sommer, John Steigerwald, Ellen Strader, Gary Weichinger, Colleen Wood, John Wood, and Mark Zelek.

Portions of this book were originally published as an eBook on the NetIQ website. We also received great feedback from several of our eBook readers: Johnny Geypen, Dave Michels, Vivek Rana, and Matthew Trzyna.

There's a brief haiku at the start of each chapter. With a mere 17 syllables, it seems the authors have been able to summarize an entire chapter. So read each haiku, and then read our verbose chapter for the technical details and to-do lists. The authors are all on the product development team at NetIQ in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Daniel Wideman came up with the idea of using the haikus after returning from a week at a writers' camp.

We submitted the original version of Chapter 3, "Planning for VoIP," to the 2002 Bitpipe White Paper competition. Among more than 400 papers in our category of Networking and Communications, we won Honorable Mention. Because of our competitive nature, we were a little bummed at not winning first place—that is, until we read the awesome prize-winning paper from a team at Hitachi.

Jeff would like to thank his wonderful wife and son, Janna and Andrew, for their patience and understanding during the long process of writing this book. Without their support, it would not have been possible.


Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
ISBN: 1587200929
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 90

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