Chapter Summary

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This chapter looked at building a business case for VoIP and introduced the wide range of potential benefits, as well as the obstacles you may encounter during the project. It showed the elements of a simple spreadsheet, to help with the calculation of VoIP's return on investments. The last section discussed where to start—situations where your ROI is likely to be good.

The next chapter discusses how to start—what you should consider in the planning, analysis, and evaluation stages of a VoIP implementation:

  • A roadmap for your VoIP deployment

  • How to avoid common VoIP pitfalls through proper planning

  • Why most networks are not ready for a VoIP deployment

  • Pilot deployments: how big should you start, and when should you roll them out?

  • The importance of a thorough testing plan

  • Why VoIP management is critically important


Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
ISBN: 1587200929
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 90

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