Administering IMAP4 Virtual Servers

IMAP4 servers are used to read mail and access public folders on remote servers. Clients log on to an Exchange server and download message headers and then read messages individually online. A default IMAP4 virtual server is created during the Exchange installation. If required for fault tolerance, additional IMAP4 virtual servers can be created using the following steps:


In ESM, expand the administrative groups and then the administrative group you want to work with. In the left pane, navigate to the Protocols container. Expand Servers, the server to work with, and then expand Protocols.


In the console tree, right-click IMAP4, choose New, and then select IMAP4 Virtual Server to start the server wizard. Type a descriptive name for the new IMAP4 server and click Next.


Using the drop-down list, select an available IP address. Choose All Unassigned so the IMAP4 server can respond on all configured but unassigned IP addresses on the server. The TCP port will be automatically assigned to port 143. Click Finish to complete the wizard.


The new IMAP4 server should automatically start. If it doesn't, review the IP address/TCP port settings for any conflicts with other virtual server settings.

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