set display options

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By making menu choices, you can set display settings that determine how the interface and images look, as well as which thumbnails are visible.

Use a setting from the third group when you need to adjust pictures for a particular output medium, such as display on a Mac.

Choose a display mode from the last group to get a quick idea of how pictures will look if the sepia or black-and-white filter is applied to them (described in Chapter 6).

View small or hidden pictures. Normally, two classes of images are stored in the Picture Library but not displayed as thumbnails: tiny pictures (such as Web graphics) and pictures that you deliberately hid using the Picture > Hide command. You can reveal these image groups by choosing View > Small Pictures or View > Hidden Pictures. (When the command is checked in the menu, the chosen image class is visible. Choose the same command again to reverse the setting.)

Note: Unlike hidden folders, hidden images aren't password-protected (see Chapter 4).

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