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We mentioned earlier that there are five key directories when it comes to voting, and that there are over 100 different podcast directories out there. So which ones do you want to be in?

"A podcast directory is like a phone book. If you opened a store, you would want to be in every phone book in town. If you start a podcast, you should try and get in every podcast directory on the Internet."

Gary Leland, PodcastPickle.com

If you are doing a podcast focused on law issues, you will probably find that the blawg directory (www.blawg.org) helps bring you more listeners than an entry in Odeo or Podcast Alley. If you find a genre-specific directory that matches the topic of your show, do everything you can to become friends with the person who runs that directory. Offer to help out and contribute articles. Ask to interview the person for your show, so that you can talk about his or her site and, of course, so you can bond with that person. Many of the directories have a list of new entries; this is a great way for potential listeners to find out about your show (given that you wait until you have at least five shows done before submitting).

When building up your listener base, you want to start at your core and work out (refer back to Figure 15.1). That means starting with friends and family. When your family and friends start complaining that all you talk about is podcasting, you know you have reached your goal with that group. Next you want to court other podcasters. Who better to spread the word about your show than those who already have an audience to spread that word to. At the same time, you want to start courting other podcast listeners through forum boards and directories. Once you have done this, you should have a good fan base from which to push out toward the rest of the worldor at least be ready for the next chapter.


Like Gary, we recommend you add yourself to every general podcast directory and every genre- or topic-specific directory that fits your show. You can find what is considered one of the most, if not the most, complete list of directories for podcasts at www.podcast411.com/page2.html.

From there, you will have links directly to the submit page at the different directories.

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