Chapter 15. Getting the Word Out


  • When to Promote

  • Voting Sites

  • Podcast Networks

  • Community Building

  • Podcasting Directors

"Just because you made a great podcast does not mean you are done. Now you need people to listen to it. Getting listeners is the final step. There are so many free advertising resources on the Internet like forums, chat rooms, and such. If people don't find out about your show, it is nobody's fault but your own."

Gary Leland,

When it comes to potential listeners of your podcast, you will be going after four distinct groups (see Figure 15.1):

  • Your friends and family

  • Other podcasters

  • Current podcast listeners

  • The rest of the world

Figure 15.1. Groups of potential listeners of your podcast.

The illustration shown here is obviously not to scale. If it were, the first three groups combined when compared to the rest of the world would be smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. In this chapter, we talk about promoting to the first three groups; then in Chapter 16, "How to Find Newbie Listeners," we talk more about promoting to the rest of the world.

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