Chapter 14. Using Promos to Hype Your Podcast


  • Why Promos Are Necessary

"Patrick McLean here with another installment of 'Interview with a Zombie.' Say hello to the folks, Bob."


"I tell you, folks, Bob here just won't shut up about The Seanachai podcast. He's crazy about this unique, innovative approach to storytelling."


"Good point, Bob."

Patrick McLean, promo for The Seanachai

If you listen to podcasts, no doubt you've heard a promo. A short, 30-second to 2-minute sound clip in the middle of someone else's podcast promoting another podcast. Podcasters commonly put them in breaks in their own podcast, like little commercials. Done well, they can amuse the listener and hook them onto your podcast. Done poorly, they can annoy and alienate the listener.

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
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