We mention multiple times in this book to podcast about something you are passionate about. And with the possible exception of Mac-heads, no one group is more passionate about their hobby than sports fans. After all, fan is short for fanatic. This is evident in the sports podcasts that are out there. One great place to locate a wide variety of quality sports podcasts is at the My Sports Radio podcast network ( One of the things you will notice with many sports podcasts is that they are oftentimes "buddy casts," where you have two or more buddies (and Budweisers) sitting around and bantering back and forth about sports. Table 3.15 provides a small sampling of some of the best sports podcasts, and you would be well advised if you are doing or thinking of doing a sports podcast to check these out.

Table 3.15. Popular Sports Podcasts



Website URL


My Sports Radio Network

Andy and Matt

The Skinny on Sports

Dave and John


Scott and Steve

Extra Points

My Sports Radio Network

Sam Coutin has put together one of the best sports podcast networks. (MSR) is a not just a podcast network, it is also a sports content production company. MSR has created a community where listeners interact with podcast hosts on a daily basis. MSR's mission is "to produce and broadcast the largest catalogue of quality sports radio programming for the most interactive sports community on the planet." Founded in December 2004, MSR has more than 500,000 downloads of the shows on its network every month.

"Digital music distribution shook up the music industry and leveled the playing field in the music industry because music fans chose file-sharing of MP3s as a prominent method of music acquisition and consumption. Similarly, sports fans are thirsty for a different content consumption modelone that satisfies their craving for an edgy, bite-sized, Tivo-like listening experience. MSR strives to satisfy that thirst with a healthy catalogue of quality, niche, sports podcasts supported by a tight-knit community of sports fans."

Sam Coutin, My Sports Radio Network

The Skinny on Sports

Hosted by brothers Andy and Matt Skinn, The Skinny on Sports is one of the founding podcasts on the Podshow network. They release about 6 to 10 shows a month, and a typical show runs about 10 minutes in length.

"The Skinny on Sports is the fastest 10 minutes on your iPod and the sports stories that matter! Each week, Andy and Matt Skinn (The Skinnies) take a look at the biggest stories and issues in the world of sports. Rather than simply reporting on the outcomes of various sporting events, we express our opinions and dig deeper into the stories. We keep you up to date on the biggest news in the world of sports and give you the information you need to form your own opinion and sound knowledgeable with your friends. You'll always have 'The Skinny'!"

Andy Skinn, The Skinny on Sports


Hosted by Dave and John with help from Shawn and Jodi, this fearsome foursome produce what is clearly one of the best pro sports team fan-based podcasts. They release two to three shows a week during the season and offer a slightly less frequent release schedule in the off-season. The shows average 30 to 40 minutes in length per episode. The show is PG-rated.

"Our show is about the Oakland Raiders through the eyes of the fan. When we first started this show, we wanted to create a place for all the good Raider fans to express how they feel about their team. It has turned out to be a place for fans to vent, musicians to play Raider music, and a place to get up-to-date information from the players and coaches. It also has become a place for fans to find out about upcoming Raider events that they would have never known about before. It is a lot of work keeping up with all the events, but that is where you meet the people and we wouldn't have it any other way....

"To start a team cast like ours, you have to be involved. Go to signings, go to camp, go to all the games, but most important get out there and talk to the fans. Make your fans feel important; appreciate their opinion whether you agree or not. Offer the fans many avenues to talk to you (emails, voicemails, face-to-face meetings). They are what is important. One other thing that helps is, go where the team is and keep letting them know who you are then they will start being available more (or at least we hope). Share links with all the other fan websites. The more people who know about you, the better. Last, but definitely not least, get out and cross-promote. Meet great people like yourself [Rob] and Keith and the Girl."

Dave, RaiderCast

Extra Points

Hosted by Scott and Steve, this podcast is from New England. Shows are released weekly, and the typical length of an episode is about 40 minutes. This show is PG-rated.

"Every week, we break down the important fantasy football news... and answer listener questions for advice with their fantasy football teams. If you're looking to conquer your league, salvage your season, or just figure out what the big deal is about this fantasy football thing, Extra Points is the show for you!"

Scott and Steve, Extra Points

No League Is Too Small

The world of podcasting includes numerous podcasts about specific sports, sport teams, and celebrity athletes. But you do not have to limit your podcast to professional, college, or major high school athletics; you can just as easily podcast about the local rugby club. Granted, a podcast about the Johnson County Sundogs may not bring in thousands (or even hundreds) of listeners, but for all the current and past Ruggers, they will find it very relevant. Or maybe you want to do a podcast on the Bayport/Bluepoint Little League, where each show you wrap up the scores from the past week and interview the MVP for each age group. Hey, instead of yelling at your child's coach now, you can interview him, and as the late Billy Martin would have told you, nothing is worse than facing the press.

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