Interlude 2. Inverses

When we refactor, we're trying to respond to the forces affecting code. Sometimes what was a good change today no longer looks so good tomorrow, and we find ourselves reversing a refactoring.

Interlude I2.1

Table I-3 presents a list of refactorings. Next to each refactoring, write the name of the refactoring that undoes its effects. (The refactoring and its inverse will both be on the list.)

See Appendix C for solution.

Table I.3. Refactorings and Their Inverses



Add Parameter


Change Bidirectional Association to Unidirectional


Change Reference to Value


Change Unidirectional Association to Bidirectional


Change Value to Reference


Collapse Hierarchy


Extract Class


Extract Method


Extract Subclass


Hide Delegate


Inline Class


Inline Method


Inline Temp


Introduce Explaining Variable


Move Field


Move Method


Parameterize Method


Pull Up Field


Pull Up Method


Push Down Field


Push Down Method


Remove Middle Man


Remove Parameter


Rename Method


Replace Delegation with Inheritance


Replace Inheritance with Delegation


Replace Parameter with Explicit Methods


Substitute Algorithm


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