AppendixA.ActionScript Reference

Appendix A. ActionScript Reference


  • The BitmapData Class

  • The ExternalInterface Class

  • The BevelFilter Class

  • The BlurFilter Class

  • The ColorMatrixFilter Class

  • The ConvolutionFilter Class

  • The DisplacementMapFilter Class

  • The DropShadowFilter Class

  • The GlowFilter Class

  • The GradientBevelFilter Class

  • The GradientGlowFilter Class

  • The ColorTransform Class

  • The Matrix Class

  • The Point Class

  • The Rectangle Class

  • The Transform Class

  • The FileReference Class

  • The FileReferenceList Class

  • The TextRenderer Class

This appendix covers some of the new Flash classes that come with Flash 8.

It is important to note that in the availability of each action, you will see two acronyms, FP (Flash Player) and AS (ActionScript). They are there to show the minimum requirement for that script.

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