Chapter22.PHP and Flash

Chapter 22. PHP and Flash


  • Setting Up Your Server

  • PHP and FlashReceiving Data

  • PHP and FlashSending and Receiving Data

  • Incorporating a MySQL Database

  • File UploadsFlash 8 Specific

In this chapter, we discuss how to integrate Flash with the server-side scripting language PHP. Flash, as you may already know, has some amazing capabilities as an application development medium. Still, to create some truly dynamic applicationsworking with real, changing datayou are going to need to extend to other technologies. As you learned in the previous chapter, Flash works well with other server-side languages, such as ASP. Now we'll show you the amazing capabilities of Flash when working with PHP.


This chapter is written under the assumption that the reader is familiar with and has basic knowledge of Flash ActionScript, the ability to create and edit HTML files, and at least a beginner-level understanding of PHP scripting.

We'll begin with some simple examples of Flash receiving data from PHP. After you have an understanding of how this works, you can then take it a step further, having Flash "speak" back to PHP. That's right, a two-way conversation! This "conversation" is where the power of your future applications begins to take shape. After you have a good understanding of this, we can then integrate the final step in any well-rounded application: integrating a database.

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