A.3. Status

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A ticket's status describes its current work state. There are several choices for classifying each ticket:


The ticket has just been created and hasn't been touched yet.


The ticket is being worked on.


Due to circumstances beyond your control (waiting for the requestor to respond, waiting for the owner to return from Sri Lanka), the ticket isn't getting worked on right now. It will open again when someone adds a comment or reply.


Hooray! Work on the ticket has been completed and is out of everyone's hair.


The ticket is not the staff's problem and is not going to be resolved, but is, for some reason, worth recording in the system. For instance, if an employee asks approval for something ridiculous, you can reject the ticket, but it will stay in the database as evidence that the employee makes silly requests.


The ticket never should have been in the system it was spam, it was a list of passwords, it was porn, use your imagination and is now being zapped for good.

It is not unusual for the status to change several times, from new to open to resolved, bouncing between open and stalled a few times.

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