Praise for The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language

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Praise for The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language

"There is no substitute to getting the inside scoop directly from a book written by the father of a programming language such as Bjarne Stroustrup for C++, James Gosling for Java and Alan Cooper for the original version of Visual Basic. Paul Vick, the father of Visual Basic .NET, explains the whys and hows of this exciting new language better than any other human being on the planet."

Ted Pattison, Barracuda.NET

" The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language includes nuances that in all my use and study of VB .NET, I haven't seen discussed anywhere else. For example, I learned that you can use the Imports statement to import an Enum name , so that you needn't refer to the enum in all its uses. In addition, I learned that the dictionary lookup operator, '!', works in VB .NET ”I thought this one had been retired . In any case, if you're searching for a book that covers all the language syntax issues, and more, Paul Vick's book is a great place to look."

Ken Getz, Senior Consultant, MCW Technologies, LLC

"This book is an excellent stepping stone for Visual Basic developers wanting to get their toes wet in the .NET waters. Paul's presentation of the core topics all VB developers should tackle first is clear, concise , and unlike other books in the genre , does not overwhelm the reader. The VB6 vs. VB.NET task-oriented approach guides you through the new language and OO features, and then moves to basic threading and other CLR topics ”as well as to the key points in the COM to .NET transition ”in a well thought-out sequence. If you've been holding out on VB .NET, this is a great book to get you started."

Klaus H. Probst, Sr. Consultant/Architect, Spherion Technology Services, Microsoft MVP

"There is no shortage of VB .NET books in the market, but this is the only book straight from the creators . While that is an excellent reason in itself for reading this book, it is the brevity and clarity of the content, along with the examples, that makes this book a must-have ."

Amit Kalani, Developer

"Overall, I liked this book and it definitely benefited me. I learned new things I didn't see anywhere else and I'll certainly put these to good use in the future. Paul's book makes a great reference manual for intermediate and advanced VB .NET developers."

Philip Williams, System Engineer, LDC Direct

"This book contains a lot of great information I have seen nowhere else and addresses issues that other books do not."

Ethan Roberts, .NET Architect, General Casualty

"This book is full of useful information and provides a good historical background for the Visual Basic .NET Language."

Dave Vitter, Technical Lead Developer and author of Designing Visual Basic .NET Applications (Coriolis, 2001)

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The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language
The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language
ISBN: 0321169514
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 173
Authors: Paul Vick

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