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.m4v files
Mac OS X
     audio editors
     capturing screenshots on
     deleting videos from
     FireWire port
     iMovie compression on
     importing video to
     microphones for
     organizing files on
     system requirements
     video aggregators
     video editors 2nd
     video players
Mavica, Sony
McLaughlin, Jan
media hosting
Media Player, Windows
medium shots 2nd
     creating account for
     getting videos to iPod with
     leaving vlogger feedback with
     purpose of
     tagging videos with 2nd
     vlog directory 2nd
     watching videos with
Meiser, Michael
memory cards 2nd
microphones 2nd
Microsoft Windows [See Windows.]
MiniDV tapes 2nd
Minnesota Stories
mixing audio
mobile phones, playing videos on 2nd
Mom's Brag Vlog
Momentshowing vlog
motion effects
.mov files 2nd 3rd
Movable Type
Movie Maker
     adding audio files in
     alternatives to
     checking installed version of
     compressing video in
     creating titles in
     getting latest version of
     importing video from cameras in
     learning to use
     previewing transitions in
     purpose of
     recording voice-overs in
     Save Movie Wizard 2nd
     splitting clips in
Movie Setting dialog box, Movie Maker 2nd
Movie Settings dialog box, iMovie
"Movie to iPod" option, iMovie
Mozilla's Firefox [See Firefox.]
.mp4 files 2nd 3rd
MP4Cam2AVI Easy Convert
MPEG files 2nd
MPEG-4 codec 2nd
.mpg files
music 2nd [See also sound.]
musicians, promoting local
muxed format
My Video folder

Secrets of Videoblogging
Secrets of Videoblogging
ISBN: 0321429176
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 81

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