Considering Compression

In Chapter 6 you'll learn about compressing video for the Web. To get the best quality compressed video, it's good to keep a few things in mind while you shoot. Basically, the more detail in a shot and the more a shot changes from frame to frame (because of fast editing or lots of motion), the more difficult it will be to produce good-looking compressed images.

For example, a smooth tripod-shot of a person talking in front of a plain white wall will look great after compression. But a hand-held shot of someone running through a forest may look awful as a compressed file. Don't let compression dictate the kind of video you shoot, just be conscious of it. If you have a choice and can avoid shots with lots of motion and detail and still make the video you want to make, you'll end up with better results. (Figures 4.18 and 4.19 show what happens when you don't have a choice.)

Figure 4.18. This uncompressed video image is clear and detailed.

Figure 4.19. The compressed Web version of the same image is blurry and has less detail.

You should also watch for stripes and unfriendly patterns when you shoot. Many video cameras have a hard time recording complex patterns like plaid or compact stripes. The patterns may appear to bleed together, or you may see a shimmer along the lines, creating a moiré pattern. This is why television anchors rarely wear pinstripes, checks, or complex patterns. Don't let this problem deter you. Again, just be aware that translating a certain amount of detail in a satisfactory way may not always be possible.

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