Chapter 9: Web-based Solutions



FOR MANY OF YOU, WEB DEVELOPMENT is either entirely new or a skill you want to acquire. Unlike Al Gore who apparently "invented" the Internet some time ago and knows all about it, I am in the group of people who had to learn about the Web the hard way—through trial and error and a lot of reading. This chapter assumes very little. It starts out with basic Web development architecture and tries to bring everyone up to speed on the terminology and how ADO functions differently in an ASP.

Microsoft is spending a lot of money on new Web development tools—almost as much money as it's spending on lawyers these days. We'll see Visual Studio 7.0 (someday) and how it leverages middle-tier code written in a Visual Basic-like language[1] that leverages HTML, XML, and XSL scripts. Hopefully after having read this chapter, you'll know how to make best use of ADO and these new evolving tools—at least you won't be blindsided by the innovations as they arrive.

[1]No, Visual Studio's version of Visual Basic won't be the same as what you're coding in now. Similar, but different enough to make you pause for a second or two.


ADO Examples and Best Practices
Ado Examples and Best Practices
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