9.2.1 Portability Infrastructure

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As I explained in 9.1.1 Project Directory Structure, I'll first create the project directories, a toplevel dirctory and a subdirectory to put the library sources into. I want to install the library header files to `/usr/local/include/sic' , so the library subdirectory must be named appropriately. See section 9.1.2 C Header Files.

 $ mkdir sic $ mkdir sic/sic $ cd sic/sic 

I will describe the files I add in this section in more detail than the project specific sources, because they comprise an infrastructure that I use relatively unchanged for all of my GNU Autotools projects. You could keep an archive of these files, and use them as a starting point each time you begin a new project of your own.

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GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool
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