Chapter 2. Understanding Solution Delivery Environments

In this chapter:

Assessing Environmental Challenges


Optimizing Constraints


Overcoming Environmental Challenges


Identifying Opportunities Within a Challenging Business Environment




Seemingly, half of the effort of delivering a solution is understanding and operating within a delivery environment. In consideration of this, MSF provides guidance not only on how to work within teams, but also on how to work within a delivery environment, including understanding business drivers, people capabilities, and project constraints.

Once a team understands their environment, they need to figure out how to be successful. This chapter lays out elements of understanding and operating within delivery environment(s). It discusses assessing an environment, optimizing typical constraints derived from environmental challenges, overcoming common environmental challenges, and converting challenges into opportunities.

MicrosoftR Solutions Framework Essentials. Building Successful Technology Solutions
Microsoft Solutions Framework Essentials: Building Successful Technology Solutions
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