SerializerFactory javax.xml.rpc.encoding

JAX-RPC 1.0; JWSDP 1.0, J2EE 1.4 serializable
 public interface SerializerFactory extends java.io.Serializable {  // Public Instance Methods  public abstract Serializer getSerializerAs(String   mechanismType   );      public abstract Iterator getSupportedMechanismTypes(  );  } 

A SerializerFactory returns Serializer s that can convert from a specific Java type to a corresponding XML type. A SerializerFactory for a given (Java type, XML type) pairing is registered with, and can be obtained from, a TypeMapping object. Once you have a SerializerFactory , you can obtain a Serializer instance by calling its getSerializerAs( ) method, which requires an argument that specifies a serialization mechanism type. The mechanism type describes the style of the underlying XML processing model with which the serializer worksfor example, a DOM model or a character stream containing the generated XML. A factory might be able to supply serializers for more than one mechanism type. The JAX-RPC specification does not define standard mechanism types, but the reference implementation supports a single, private type identified by the URI http://java.sun.com/jax-rpc-ri/1.0/streaming/ . The URIs for the mechanism types for which the factory can return a suitable Serializer can be obtained by calling the getSupportedMechanismTypes( ) method.

Passed To

TypeMapping.register( )

Returned By

TypeMapping.getSerializer( )


Java Web Services in a Nutshell
Java Web Services in a Nutshell
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