6.2 Sources for More Information Regarding Fibre Channel


6.2.1 Publications

Currently there are two major publications for introducing Fibre Channel.

  1. FIBRE CHANNEL: Connection to the Future

    Fibre  Channel  Association  
    12407  MoPac  Expressway  North  100-257  
    P.O.  Box  9700  
    Austin,  Texas  78766-8422  

  2. What is FIBRE CHANNEL

    Ancot  Corporation  
    115  Constitution  Drive  
    Menlo  Park,  CA  94025  

6.2.2 World Wide Web

More information can be found at the following Web sites.

  • http://www.x3.org

  • http://www.amdahl.com/ext/CARP/FCA

  • http://www.skipstone.com

  • http://www.ssaia.org

(Each of these sites has links to many more associated sites.)


Fibre Channel for Mass Storage
Fibre Channel for Mass Storage
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