8.5 Tape Libraries

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8.5 Tape Libraries

8.5.1 HP SureStore E Tape Library 20/700

Figure 8-23. HP SureStore E Tape Library 20/700
graphics/08fig23.gif Overview

Hewlett-Packard considers the HP SureStore E Tape Library 20/700 to be the industry s most capable tape library. It has a combination of high availability, performance, and capacity. It is the tape library of choice for backing up HP s SureStore E Disk Array XP256, especially in large storage area networks. Scalability and Speed

The tape library has a maximum capacity of up to 56 TB ( assuming 2:1 compression). It can be configured with 228, 396, or 690 cartridge slots, which allows capacity to expand from 4 TB to 56 TB.

The tape library operates with high-capacity DLT8000 tape drives or high-performance HP 9840 tape drives. It supports a maximum of 20 DLT8000 tape drives, 12 HP 9840 tape drives , or a mixed combination in the same library.

The 20/700 robotics allow over 400 jobs/ hour . A full audit of the library s 690 cartridges and 20 drives is two to three times faster than its competition. High Availability

The HP SureStore E Tape Library 20/700 has hot-swappable, redundant components throughout its design, including power supplies and fans.

All serviceable parts are easily accessible, and all major components are hot-swappable and customer-serviceable with no special tools required. No lubrication or belt retensioning is ever required. Features
  • Up to 20 DLT 8000 or 12 HP 9840 drives

  • 228 to 690 cartridge capacity

  • 432 GB/hr maximum throughput

  • 4 TB to 56 TB compressed storage capacity

  • SCSI and Fibre Channel optical fiber connectivity

  • Supported with HP OpenView OmniBack II and other leading storage management software

  • Supported on HP-UX, Windows NT, and MPE/iX platforms Platform, I/O Bus, and Operating System Support


  • HP 9000 Enterprise Servers:

    • A-, R-, L-, and N-Classes

    • D-, K-, T-, and V-Classes

  • HP-HSC and HP-PCI

  • HP-UX 10.02 and later

Windows NT

  • HP NetServer LX Series: LXr, LXr Pro, LXr Pro 8

  • Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3


  • MPE/iX

8.5.2 HP SureStore E Tape Library 2/20

Figure 8-24. HP SureStore E Tape Library 2/20

This library contains one or two DLT8000 drives, a SCSI or Fibre Channel interface, remote management functionality, and a 20-tape capacity.

It is only 8.75 inches tall, and has the smallest volume of any two-drive library on the market. There are also many expansion and upgrade kits available.

Kits are available that allow the 1- or 2-drive, 20-slot library to be field upgraded to a 2- or 4-drive, 40-slot library, or a 2-, 4-, or 6-drive, 60-slot library.

HP s Remote Management option lets you obtain status and diagnostics information. You can also manage library function from a remote location by way of built-in remote management tools, or use remote management tools that integrate into leading enterprise management software.

The HP SureStore Tape Library connects with a SCSI or Fibre Channel interface. The Fibre Channel solution provides high-speed data access and long-distance connections to multiple servers sharing one or more libraries. Fibre channel technology allows you to create a LAN-free backup that eases network congestion and data-access contention inherent in LAN-based backup. SCSI-to-Fibre Channel upgrade kits are available to allow SCSI-based library customers to upgrade to Fibre Channel as their IT needs change.

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