Situation 3

John is an applications programmer working on a project that is in serious trouble. The development technology being used in the project is "leading edge" and appears unable to successfully provide a platform for implementing the system within the agreed time frame. For a number of reasons, the senior business area management who are funding the project and are depending on the deliverables for a strategic advantage are not aware of the technical problems. However, they are concerned about the lack of progress and request a demonstration of the system's progress. John is directed by the senior project manager to write a program to "simulate" the success of the technology. John writes a program to display a series of predetermined results to set actions that will be entered by the business managers. Impressed by the "live" system, the business area management continue the funding of the project and extend the deadlines. Some months later, the project is canceled as it becomes obvious to the business people that the technology cannot deliver the required functionality.

Radical Project Management
Radical Project Management
ISBN: 0130094862
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 136
Authors: Rob Thomsett

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