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Before taking the exam, review the key topics and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.

Key Topics

  • Understand the various methods for deploying IPSec to large numbers of computers.

  • Know how to deploy Certificate Services for the purpose of authenticating IPSec negotiations.

  • Be familiar with the various tools available for monitoring IPSec communications. In particular, know how each node of the IP Security Monitor snap-in can be used.

  • Know how to troubleshoot common IPSec problems, especially those caused by firewalls and proxy servers.

Key Term

certificate-to-account mapping A feature of Windows Server 2003 that enables IPSec to verify that a certificate matches a valid computer account in the Active Directory forest.

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MCSA(s)MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit Exam 70-299 (c) Implementing and Administering Security in a M[.  .. ]twork
MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-299): Implementing and Administering Security in a MicrosoftВ® Windows Server(TM) 2003 Network (Pro-Certification)
ISBN: 073562061X
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Year: 2004
Pages: 217

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