List of Tables

Chapter 4: Preinstallation Steps

Table 4-1. Data That Should Be Backed Up

Chapter 6: Solving Installation Problems

Table 6-1. Typical Monitor Settings

Chapter 7: Booting Linux for the First Time

Table 7-1. Desktop Icons and Program Shortcuts
Table 7-2. Default System Tray Programs

Chapter 10: Personalizing SUSE Linux: Getting Everything Just Right

Table 10-1. SUSE Linux Desktop Applets

Chapter 11: Using Linux Replacements for Windows Programs

Table 11-1. Comparisons of Windows and Linux Software
Table 11-2. Writer Interface Elements
Table 11-3. Calc Interface Elements
Table 11-4. Impress Interface Elements
Table 11-5. Kontact Interface Elements
Table 11-6. Konquerer Interface Elements
Table 11-7. KsCD Interface Elements
Table 11-8. XMMS Interface Elements
Table 11-9. Kaffeine Media Player Interface Elements
Table 11-10. K3b Interface Elements
Table 11-11. The GIMP Interface Elements

Chapter 12: Managing Your Files

Table 12-1. Common File Types

Chapter 14: Introducing the BASH Shell

Table 14-1. DOS Commands and Their Shell Equivalents

Chapter 15: Understanding Linux Files and Users

Table 15-1. Color-Coding Within Konsole
Table 15-2. File Type Codes
Table 15-3. Directories in the SUSE Linux Root File System

Chapter 16: Working with Text Files

Table 16-1. vi Command Mode Commands
Table 16-2. Some vi Command-Line Mode Commands
Table 16-3. Some Examples of Regular Expressions

Chapter 17: Taking Control of the System

Table 17-1. The top Program Process Information

Chapter 18: Cool Shell Tricks

Table 18-1. Keyboard Shortcuts in BASH

Chapter 21: Image Editing

Table 21-1. The GIMP Image-Editing Tools

Chapter 22: Making the Move to

Table 22-1. How the Office and Suites Compare

Chapter 23: Overview

Table 23-1. Customization Categories
Table 23-2. Configuration Options

Chapter 27: In Depth: Rekall

Table 27-1. Data Types Within a Rekall Table

Chapter 29: Installing Software

Table 29-1. Linux Installation File Typest

Chapter 31: Optimizing Your System

Table 31-1. Services That Can Be Safely Disabled

Chapter 34: Accessing Linux Remotely

Table 34-1. sftp Commands

Beginning SUSE Linux from Novice to Professional
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