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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
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Part II:  Implementing Security

Chapter 13. Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager

In early versions of the Oracle RDBMS, a very limited utility called the Oracle Diagnostic System ( ODS) was used to help DBAs get some insight into what was happening within their databases. At that time, there was very little a DBA could do to improve performance or easily maintain or replicate a database. As time passed and the Oracle versions presented more and more sophisticated systems, the tool evolved into SQLDBA and then the Server Manager Utility ( svrmgr ). Today, Oracle packages a personal computer-based, graphical user interface (GUI) toolset called the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to aid the DBA in managing multiple databases on remote nodes throughout the world via networks.

This chapter examines the ways you can use the OEM to help enforce security in your system. We will look at how the OEM can aid you in performing your job more easily and efficiently by providing:

  • A way to easily create users, roles, and grants

  • The ability to create and examine views

  • An easy way to use the Backup and Recovery Managers

We also pinpoint possible security breaches the OEM might both present and prevent through the CHANGE ROLE function and remote DBA connections.

Oracle Corporation has released a different version of the OEM with each release of the RDBMS since the early versions of 7.3. Since each released version of the OEM varies from the other released versions in several ways, we'll focus here only on release 1.5.0 for Oracle8 version 8.0.4.


Oracle Security
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